Jonas Watcher: The Case of the Running Bag “... Suddenly something from above hit me square in the chest and knocked me away from the ladder and the pier towards the water.  I looked up as I was falling and I could see the shadow of whoever threw whatever hit me.  I yelled for help and I hit the water. I was going down under the surface of the water.  Whatever hit me was pretty heavy, and it and I were all tangled up in the net.  That cursed net was either going to drown me or it was about to save my life.  It was attached to the dock and it kept me and the dingus from being pulled down further into the water.  I could see some light through the water and decided that way was up.  I should have let go of the dingus, but I hung on to it, I don't know why.” From the beginning of the book, Jonas Watcher is caught up in a mystery that starts with his almost being killed, and moves forward as he trys to extricate himself from the events going on around him.  Time and the actions of other people work against him until he is entangled in a web that includes blackmail, kidnapping, and Murder. Jonas Watcher is a new detective series starting in San Francisco in the 1930’s.  The Case of the Running Bag is an origin’s story that introduces the reader to the characters who inhabit Jonas Watcher’s world.  David Sanders is a smart police detective with an agenda of his own.  Betty, Jonas’ new receptionist has a secret of her own.  Max and Billie Whitehall, two of who Jonas calls the invisibles who become invaluable to his survival.  From the docks on the bay to the Palace in San Francisco, Jonas Watcher uses his colt forty-four and all his wits to stay alive.  Remember Fate is a fickle bitch. Press Release   Jonas Watcher: The Case of the Running Bag  is the title of the first  book in a new detective series.  It is the 1930’s in San Francisco and Jonas Watcher has found himself mixed up in kidnapping, blackmail, and murder. © Gene Poschman 2013 The Home of Projects by Gene Poschman Renaissance Player Jonas Watcher: The Case of the Running Bag Press Release